Yuba, CA - Englebright Restoration Project

Aerial Survey & Analytics

In June, 2016, SOA provided Environmental Science Associates a documentation video and digital orthophoto covering a restoration site just below Englebright Dam on the Yuba River. The video and orthophoto covered approximately three-quarters of a mile of river, and will be used to document flow depth and velocity changes, as well as gravel extent as the restoration project is completed.

This project exemplified the difficulty of acquiring good data. The canyon was narrow with man-made obstacles, meaning that SOA employees needed to fly using several spotters and radio communication. The flight went as planned, and all data was acquired during a optimal light window. SOA pays particular attention to ensure that your project will go without interruption, from specialty weather forecasts to scouting and recon of an area SOA will work to ensure you get the data you need in the timeframe you require.