Digital Terrain Mapping

Our clients in the land development and renewable energy sectors have come to rely on the speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency of our Digital Terrain Mapping service to move their projects quickly through the pipeline.

We use UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) as a primary data collection tool, allowing us to cover up to 5,000 acres per day while generating a high-density data set (up to 10 million points per acre).  We then process that data and deliver orthophotos, topographic maps, and georectified DEM (Digital Elevation Models) that accurately model your site conditions to 2 centimeters in the X and Y directions, and 5 centimeters in Z.

Final deliverables can be sent over in KMZ, KML, OBJ, LAS, XYZ, DWG, or any other format used by your planning and engineering teams.

Sierra Overhead Analytics’ surveys have been used as the basis for over 300MW of solar projects in 2016 and meet all ASPRS criteria for accuracy.  Our PE-certified principals are able to stamp the created data sets, allowing their use for planning purposes. SOA has a large partner network of Professional Land Surveyors that can use our maps as the basis for legally-required ALTA boundary services.

SOA abides stringently by FAA regulations and 14 CFR Part 107 licensing requirements.