UAS Photography and Video

Falling prices for commercial sUAS, increased quality of sensor and control packages, and loosening of regulatory restrictions by the FAA are opening up a huge range of use cases for the technology in diverse business sectors like construction, real estate, marketing, insurance, emergency services, and security.

It’s relatively simple to get started using drones for your business by purchasing an off-the-shelf system for $500-$1000 and certifying under 14 CFR, Part 107. However, delivering real business value from your drone will require much more investment: licensing, re-licensing, insurance, technical issues, time needed to find use cases, data processing, and other issues. In total, the back-end investment for drone operations will add up to a level orders of magnitude higher than your initial acquisition.

Avoid hassle and unlock drone-based efficiency for your business by relying on SOA as your UAS service provider for any need. We’re early UAS adopters who are enthusiastic about the potential for drones to meet business needs, and excel at identifying where in their workflow our partners can reap the most benefit from this technology.

Our UAS carry high-resolution cameras that capture 60MP still images and 4K streaming video, along with a wide range of other sensor packages like IR/NIR and Lidar. We are able to rapidly deploy on-site to collect data, and then turn it around as:

  • 360-degree virtual panoramas – aerial & indoor or ground-level
  • Live streaming video – for reporting, event promotion, or search & rescue
  • Construction Progress Monitoring and Stockpile Quantity Estimation
  • Structure Mapping – For insurance & BIM / VDC
  • Forensic analysis for lawsuits – sight lines, scene reconstruction, 3D rendering
  • Cinematic-quality zooming or moving shots
  • Export and Integration of Data into GIS cooperation tools

No matter your data collection and analysis needs, SOA stands ready to assist.